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Why Re-Upholster?

If your sofa or chair is in good shape on the inside and all it really needs is new fabric on the outside, that is recovering. When a piece needs work on the inside; re-tied springs, new foam, new fillings, new springs, that's reupholstering.

Our upholsterers work from the frame up. If your old piece has a good frame, there's some significant initial saving to be had. We use modern materials with our traditional skills and will provide you with results that are even better than the original. You get a custom look that you cannot find in stores. Choose our fabric or use your own to create your custom look. Perhaps your furniture has sentimental value? This is another great reason why you should reupholster. 

So, if you have a lumpy old sofa, or a old chair that's beginning to shed its stuffing, take another look before dismissing it as a "has been". It could be the beginning of a beautiful new piece. This recycling of quality furniture will bring much pleasure in seeing a fashionable new piece bounce back out of the old one. Re-upholstering is environmentally friendly, save a tree and add less to our landfills.

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Providing affordable upholstery and re-upholstery services for San Jose and the Bay Area since 1978. 

We are in the business of repairing, recovering and restoring!
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Not ready for a complete make-over of your furniture?

One of the most expensive items in your room is your furniture and you can't always afford to replace it when it gets worn or outdated. The answer to that is a custom made slipcover. Slipcovers offer an alternative to outdated upholstery. 

Ready made slipcovers are exactly as stated "Ready Made" This means they are mass produced in a factory and fitted to many average sized furniture. The results of this an unappealing loose fit. 

Our hand crafted custom made slipcovers will fit your furniture exactly as it should. They will extend the life of your furniture and add a new look. Every piece is made to order. You can change the look of your pieces easily. Most slip covers materials are very durable and can be washed through many cycles. Great for our clients with kids and pets. 

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